Allison Mazurkiewicz Bio

Allison grew up with a love for horses in rural Wisconsin. From her start in 4-H to her current status as a multidisciplinary trainer  with a solid base in classical dressage and bio mechanics for all breeds of horses.

With many training tools in her toolbox Allison can help horse and rider with a program to advance their horsemanship.  Allison found the sport of working equitation in 2013 and was hooked. Here was a way to cross train any horse while developing them with a correct dressage foundation for both English and western riders. 

In 2014  she helped found High Country Working Equitation club on the Colorado Front Range. She was instrumental in helping organize the first rated WE show in Colorado.Allison has also volunteered on the board for The Confederation for Working Equitation and was a "r" carded judge for the Confederation for 2 years

Allison loves the partnership that develops with her horses during training and competing in the sport.

She enjoys sharing WE with her clients and new students

With her varied background Allison can help you reach your goals in dressage, western dressage, beginning jumping/ground pole work, classical work in hand and gaining confidence on the back of your horse. She can help you improve your position in the saddle and help your horse carry themselves better under saddle.